Environmental Responsibility

GTN Granitos, aware of its role as a responsable company and looking for a production in line with environment, has been conducting environmental projects in its stones beneficiation area and also in its quarries.

At the head office in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, the company owns a reforestation area which was totally recovered with Atlantic Forest native species. This area, in addition to compose a green belt in the company, helps to preserve a local water source. The recovery project was made considering the fauna using native species attracting local birds.

The company also take advantages of all its production water, reusing the same one, in addition to grasp rainwater. Its residues are properly allocated to licensed locations.

Socio-environmental responsibility is much more than what people need and goes beyond what is supported by laws. A socio-environmental company is a company ahead of its time, that seeks the well-being of people. That's why GTN Gratinos is this way.